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Warning - JROI Chat Media

1- Do onto others as you would have others do onto you. No Hate, Racism, Porn, War Bots, Warez Channels or Warez activities.

2- Making new channels is forbidden. Intentional cloning is not allowed. Please only connect with one Username.

3- NEW USERS (10 days or less) no posting links without permission of an OP. If an OP doesnít respond right away, private message one, do not post the link until you have gained permission.

4- All links must be kept appropriate for ALL ages. (this includes YouTube, photos or blog links)

5- This is English speaking only room, please do not continually carry on conversations in other languages.

6- No Advertising of other chat rooms, organizations asking for money or other sites to donate to a cause or person. You will be banned without warning if found doing this.

7- No advertising for instant messengers (Skype, Yahoo, Facebook) You will be banned without warning if found harassing users for this information. Note: The word skype is filtered here and will not show in the rooms or private messages, this is because of abuse of users that come in to post their email and their skype to get you to add them to pay for their cam sessions.

8- Operators are charged with the harmony and security of the rooms and therefore can make decisions to include other behaviours not listed here. Please respect their actions as they are here to keep you safe.

9- Do not post any personal identifying information (phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, etc).

10- NEW USERS (10 days or less): Do not private message ANYONE unless you have requested permission in the main room first. If a chatter requests you do not approach them in private message, please respect this or you will be removed from chat.

11- No Flooding or spamming is permitted, this includes posting the same link more than twice. CONTINUAL ALL CAPS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN CHAT (this would get you removed) using caps for EMPHASIS in a sentence is acceptable.

12- No Stalking, Bullying, harassing or discriminating will be permitted.

13- Do not engage in a private message with anything inappropriate. If found to be connecting to cyber, stalk, harass or troll you will be banned from this network without any further notice.

14- Chatting here is a privilege not a right. Itís a free, fun place to meet new people, get help if needed with personal( please be advised there are no trained counselors on duty) or spiritual matters. If you are found abusing the privilege, trolling the site or otherwise acting in a non-Christian matter, you will be removed at the discretion of an Operator.

All ages are welcomed here

Note to Ops: We do not need to be legalists about every issue, always handle the issue with love and respect for the chatter and try to resolve the issue that in all hope can satisfy the op and chatter alike in the hope they can continue to chat here.

To report any sort of chatter/Op abuse Go Here to file a report

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-!- Note: Rules are subject to Change -!-

These rules were Updated 01/01/14

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